Hello readers! Happy New year & welcome to 2017 eeek ..I hope you have all had an amazing start to the year. Set those goals and have started working towards them. It’s been a while since the last post but I am back with some fun high street fashion buys.

Zara.com has done it again… I really feel last year Zara stepped up there game. I mean i’ve always been a massive fan of there chic and sophisticated look but in 2016 they took a risk and dived into some other styles that aren’t the usual ‘Zara brand’ look and I have to say they hit the nail on the head.

Lets start with this absolute stunner of a jacket! I know I say this a lot but I am truly in love with this piece. Not only is it a statement leather jacket, that is sure to grab everyone’s eye as you strut down the street but the attention to detail and the quality is just great! There should be a warning sign though for this jacket, as it is sooo heavy but hey nothing like feeling the weight, who needs the gym when you can have style fitness hehe!


Christmas may be over but that doesn’t stop us wanting to wear all things sparkly and red! These knee highs boots give me lifeeee. Those of you that have read my other blogs will know how much I rate Public Desire shoes. Comfy, fitting and just straight fabulous. Although, lately I have realised there shoe size’s have changed. I’m a size 4 and this is what I usually buy, however recently they seem to be very big so I now purchase a Size 3 from Public Desire. TIP: Be sure to check the size guide and check the European size too not just the UK.


For this outfit I Paired the main piece (the jacket) with a cute jumper dress from Missguided. I really feel you can change an outfit’s look just by the choice of jacket and attention to accessories. Here I decided to leave out a necklace and bracelet, as the outfit has quite a lot going on itself. Instead, I simply went with a small faced watch and some pandora rings. Simple, Yet effective. REMEMBER: attention to small details! I believe this look is great for a winter drink with friends, a house party or even a day date!