This week I thought i’d take a break from talking about music and fashion, to tell you all about my other love, FOOD! Here is my story and the struggles I’ve faced over the years.

My whole life I have been in love with cake. When I say cake I literally mean any kind of food that falls under the dessert category. Could even say I was a bit crazy about pastry too! A nice fresh out the oven sausage roll from Greg’s hmmm I can almost smell them now. Maybe my overdoes of Gluten Daily is what has made me Allergic now, who knows right? Having a slice of cake for breakfast, lunch and after dinner probably wasn’t the healthiest option for many reasons.

About 7 years ago, I started feeling really sick and bloated after every meal know matter what it was. It even got to the point where I stopped going out some nights because the pain and discomfort was so bad. I tried every home remedy I could find from Renne’s to honey/lemon teas but nothing seemed to be working. At this point I started to really bloat out and going to the toilet became an issue. Again, with research I decided to take it upon myself and began taking laxatives. After a few attempts I started to feel some relief, which then became a daily routine for me to minimise my bloating. At the time i never thought anything of it but I was actually doing more harm to myself. I became addicted and started hiding the tablets from family/friends as I became reliant on them to solve my bloating. After a year of on and off use the laxatives didn’t seem to be working as well as they did before. Throughout the year i’d still get some pains but just thought it was natural because of the tablets. The pains continued and I finally decided to go see a doctor. I wish I went earlier before taking the laxatives because I had actually done more damage to myself by taking them for such a long period of time. The lining of my stomach was inflamed and I was lacking in loads of vitamins as i was flushing out all the vital nutrients we need to stay healthy. The doctor immediately told me to stop taking any form of laxative to resit further damage and I was subscribed iron/Vitamins. They then tested me for acid reflux and gluten intolerance. However, all my results came back negative. Later on after being referred to a specialist dietitian, I was put on the FODMAP diet and we discovered I was Allergic to Gluten. I was confused at this point as it didn’t show up on my blood test results. But as the Dietitian explained to me, just because we may not be gluten intolerant doesn’t mean gluten doesn’t still effect us. By an elimination process we then found out what types of food I can and cannot eat any longer.

It saddens me that I can no longer eat my favourite foods but Gluten intolerance and Gluten Allergies are becoming more common due to the way food is now processed, leaving us all with Allergies towards it. Of course some are effected way more than others but it’s great how supermarkets and some restaurants now have a variety of Gluten Free options helping us to be able to eat some goodies again! They may not taste like the normal cake or freshly soft baked bread BUT I’m grateful we can still have options that are similar. I actually prefer some freefrom foods such as the Freefrom chocolate cookies and the Nairn’s biscuits. Visit the Nairn’s website for more goodies

Here is my 3 ingredient ‘Free From’ Peanut butter cookies: makes 16-17 cookies

  • 1 cup crunchy peanut butter (of your choice)
  • 1 cup caster sugar with extra for coating
  • 1 egg

Pre heat oven at 180°. Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl. Roll into small balls and coat in caster sugar. Place balls onto a lined baking tray at least 3cm apart. Using a damp fork, press into the balls to flatten them into a cookie shape. Place in over and cook for 8-10mins.

They will still be very soft when they come out of the oven. Leave to cool for 10mins and they should harden. Then move onto a cooling tray for a further 5 mins. Then they are ready to be served with a glass of cold milk or tea.