This year Chokers have taken over the fashion market with a storm. From simple one strap sheer chokers to diamond ones, they are booming. I am such a fan of Chokers, just because i feel they can change the look of a whole outfit instantly making it look more edgy yet chic.

This fashion statement started way back in the 1990s and has recently resurfaced. You literally can turn anything into a choker these days. I have taken old shoe laces, Headbands and even cut up belts to create a unique choker. But if you’d rather not cut up things you own LOL just in case it goes wrong, you can buy them at so many different stores and online sites now. So it is not difficult to get your hands on one.

This month Aurum sent me 3 from there new collection and I have to confess I am totally in love. They are so cute and stylish and are neutral colours, which makes it so easy to pair up with my outfits. If you’re looking for great quality and affordable chokers then Aurum is the place to go!!

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