Now we have hit Autumn the weather has become some what unpredictable. But that does not mean it’s the end of skirts. I find denim to be a warm fabric which you can either wear bare legged, with a thick pair of tights or a knee boot to keep warm.

I found this cute denim skirt from H&M’s new range and fell in love with the patch detail, this even inspired me to order some patches and fabric online to jazz up an old denim jacket, i had packed away at the back of my closet. It was so easy to do and now i have a one off piece, so don’t be afraid to get creative people! Loads of sites are selling patches now, you can find some on and at Hobbycraft.

I couldn’t think of a better pairing than to double up on the denim and have a patch crazy outfit. The DD was a popular style last year, so why not bring it back for this years Autumn wear.

Purchase the items in the picture here:



SImilar Shoes:



Happy Monday Everyone!! 

For this weeks post i thought i would let you all know what I’ve been up to lately. I am sorry for not posting any original music this year BUT for those asking Yes, of course i am still doing music. 

I have been busy working in the studio getting the tracks ready and i know it may seem long but sometimes the creative side can’t be rushed, especially when i want to make sure it is all perfect before reaching your ears. So please bare with me, i promise it will be worth the wait. 

I graduated from The Brit School for performing arts 3 years ago now (Wow, how time flies) and i can honestly say the school taught me so much about the industry and deepened my love for music even more. Since leaving, it has been a rollercoaster ride but i generally feel so blessed to have amazing people around me allowing me to follow my dreams.  

2016 has been the best year so far. Now with new management I am lucky enough to be able to work with top producers like Mac and Phil, Knightstarr, Harry James & Forbes to name a few. Writing has always been a passion of mine and it’s so amazing working with people who have the same vision. 

Stay updated with the latest via insta/soundcloud/youtube: Pharellaofficial & twitter @pharellamusic 

Last week I had the pleasure of recording at IQMG studios with Sasha and Billy Phillips, Below are a few snaps from my sessions over the last few months: 


I think its safe to say that summer 2016 has been a crazy one! One minute rain, the next a heatwave. Summer is my favourite time of the year, not just cause it’s my birthday but I love getting to wear cute dresses and pretty crop tops.

The Last few days the weather has escalated as high as 32 degrees, at one point I thought I was on holiday in Spain but then quickly realised nope, its England. I’m definitely not a lover of rain so if the uk could stay like this for a few more days i’d be sooooo happy.

If anyone is planning a cheeky late summer or last minute holiday then i have the perfect jean dress for you. I brought this earlier on in the year from Asos Petite section and i’m just obsessed with the simplicity of the dress. The little tie up detail at the front of this dress, makes such an impact for the style. Making it suitable for the day, paired with some summer sandals or even for a few drinks in the evening, with a nice boot heel or stiletto.

I wore mine as a day dress and paired it with these cute lace up cream heeled sandals, also from Asos.



Some call it an obsession, some say an addiction. I call it love. Ever since I was a young girl I have always had a passion for shoes, all kinds of shoes. Trainers, timberlands to the prettiest of stiletto’s. I mean what girl doesn’t right?

There’s so many brands out there making copies of a similar style of shoe that costs thousands. which is great because now, everyone can stay looking stylish and up to date on the latest fashion, without the pricey price tag attached.

Last year I stumbled across this website after endless searching on google for a pair of Lace up heels and like cinderella’s fairy godmother coming to save the day, I found the perfect pair on PUBLIC DESIRE.

Not only do they have the best shoes that are perfect for any occasion, they are also comfortable too!!! Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this brand. Not only are they affordable but the quality is great too.

Now a year on I own over 30 pairs. whoops… as you can see in the images below I have a slight addiction but a girl can never have too many shoes.

Here are a few of my favourite shoes from the PUBLIC DESIRE COLLECTION: Click on each imagine for more info


For those of you who don’t know me, I am a singer/songwriter and have a passion for fashion. So welcome to my new blog where I will be posting all things music, unique style and fitness. 

I have been writing and recording for as long as I can remember. I knew from a young age that there was nothing else for me but music. It became clear to me that I had no stage fright from the moment my dad took me on stage to sing a duet of ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ with him at the age of 4 and I didn’t want to do anything else but sing 24/7. Now at 21, I have management and i’m working on my new music to finally show the world, I will be keeping you all updated with studio fun and sound clips of new tracks!

Recently I have really got into fitness and just think exercise is a great way to clear the mind from stress and boost energy levels. Although during some sessions I feel like I am about to pass out, with a bit of determination and courage I always manage to pull through and after just think to myself ‘that was worth the pain’. So I will be posting some of the fitness workouts I do, just to show that working out can be fun!! 

Lastly, you can expect to see a lot of sparkle from my blog. I have crazy love for glitter and anything with sequins, so ill be sharing a few of my favourite outfits with you all and would love to hear from you guys about any new websites or new trends happening! 

Anyway i’m going to keep this post short and sweet before I get too deep. I hope you follow me on this journey and get ready to share all my wild moments.